CPA Canada Member Benefit

The Offer:

  • CPA members will receive a discounted rate of $9.99 per month (regular $14.99) for utilizing Magnifi’s full Virtual Office Suite.
  • The first 20 CPA members who register and host a video meeting on Magnifi that is at least 15 minutes long will receive a free business license for a duration of 6 months.
  • Magnifi will offer a 200$ gift card for The Keg as a prize to be randomly drawn June 1st from the pool of Magnifi subscribers.

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Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a video-based meeting and workflow solution that can be branded and customized, for a fully white labeled experience. Designed for professional organizations and associations, Virtual Office provides CPA members the ability to personalize their own meeting platform and configure it to suit their unique business and meeting needs. With no IT intervention or downloads required, our one-click, browser-based platform, is flexible, highly secure and includes several custom tools geared for small and medium business.

Designed to replicate the physical office experience, Virtual office allows CPA members to conduct, plan and schedule meetings in the same way they would as if they are in their physical office. Created specifically to utilize video meetings in a collaborative environment, Virtual Office offers all the components required to manage a small and medium sized accounting practice day-to-day business.

Specific to CPA members, two key platform features integrated into Virtual Office are Workgroups and Automated Billing.


Workgroups provide a shared experience geared for document and team collaboration. Each workgroup has a unique URL to allow for quick and consistent access to resources. With support for cloud-based document sharing such as Google documents or Microsoft Office 365, accounting, and client teams can collaborate on documents face-to-face and in real-time.


CPA members will have the option to set their billable rate either by the minute or by session and when a client joins their Virtual Office, their pre-determined rate and payment details will be displayed. When the meeting ends, the client will be billed, and the payment transferred a designated Stripe or PayPal account. If there is a billing process already in place, meeting details can be easily downloaded via a CSV file for easy importing into   existing time management and billing software

Magnifi’s Virtual Office Suite includes:

  • Fully customizable design with white-label capabilities
  • Workgroup and document/file sharing integration
  • Automated SMS and Email meeting scheduling
  • Payment, Billing and Calendar Integration
  • Notes, meeting recording and whiteboard functionality
  • Full Reporting and Tracking

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