Why use a Virtual Product Demo in your ecommerce workflow?

Last updated: Feb 2, 2023

Today’s consumer wants to be educated and thoroughly informed before making any meaningful purchase. A live virtual product demo is an online presentation that showcases the value of a product to prospective customers, either through one-to-one or one-to-many interactions. It’s a unique opportunity to create a customer-led experience, crucial in generating qualified leads, bolstering engagement & loyalty, and closing deals. Virtual product demos create a highly interactive and immersive user experience that your audiences now expect. So, why should you use one?

To increase brand and product confidence

Virtual product demos build confidence with your audience by showing tangible proof of how your product works. Giving customers visual evidence that supports your product listings is necessary for building trust. Simply put, a well constructed virtual demo can quickly help rectify any customers’ doubts. And by increasing product confidence, you can build a stronger rapport and a more loyal buyer in the end.

To make selling more personal

With virtual product demos, you can create personalized experiences based on your customer’s pain points and how your product can solve them. When people experience your product through an expert-led demo, they form a closer affinity to your brand and feel that you’re giving them the tailored experience they deserve. Also, demonstrations are a two-way conversation that allow dialogue, a crucial component of relationship building. Helping people connect with your product on a more personal level is an important step to persuasive selling.

To drive prospects to the next stage faster

Virtual demos engage customers with your products’ key features without them having to read lengthy FAQs or manuals. Being there to help them feel confident and answer their questions in real time helps them move from awareness to consideration to a decision much faster. Virtual demos offer a chance for you to help them understand your product in a way that text-based information cannot. This reduces potential barriers to their purchase decision and allows them to be in control of their customer journey through your expert guidance. You can increase their ability to make decisions within an engaging and immersive brand experience.

To unlock convenience & flexibility

Live virtual product demos give you flexibility by removing the need to host in-person events and you can connect with prospects around the world regardless of their timezone. They’re easy to set-up online and you can book them around your busy schedule. For customers, they can book a live virtual demo at their convenience. And because they can schedule time with a representative on their own through your website (instead of calling you and setting it up), conversion rates are higher. By utilizing this tool, customer support becomes more effective, when and how the prospect wants it.

To cut down on costs

Sending a representative for a face-to-face demonstration entails a lot of costs. However, doing virtual product demos saves on these expenses, especially if your client is in a different region or country. Virtual demos are an alternative to costly onsite visits, giving you more financial freedom on things that matter. And better product education helps limit miscommunication, resulting in lower transaction issues and returns.

To provide insightful product & sales feedback

Getting feedback as often and early as possible can help you figure out what your next steps should be, whether it’s adjusting the product demo or closing the deal. Beyond qualitative data, you get access to quantitative data to help you improve your product or approach. Video analytics can tell you things like the average time your customer spends interacting with you, the points where they stopped to examine the product, conversion rates and if/when they dropped off. This ensures that you’re always optimizing your product and sales strategies to produce better outcomes for your company and your customers.

Live virtual product demos have changed the ecommerce landscape. Merchants should take advantage of this cutting-edge technology to improve their customers’ experience, and ultimately, generate more sales. To learn how Magnifi’s Virtual Product Demo can easily and affordably help you better connect with your customers and drive sales, request a demo today.